A/C Service Near Gulfport, MS

Close up view of gauges hooked up to an engine to test the vehicle's a/c system

A/C Service with Premier Ford of Waveland

Is an ineffective air conditioning system making you hot under the collar? If you are having problems chilling out in your vehicle, it may mean an issue with your AC system. If you live near Gulfport, Biloxi, or Picayune, you can get quality AC service at Premier Ford Waveland. The technicians in our service center are anxious to help you stay cool. If you want your AC checked out by our professionals at Premier Ford Waveland, set up an appointment for AC service and let us help.

What is AC Service?

When it comes to your vehicle’s air conditioning system, several things can cause it to malfunction. When you bring your car, truck, minivan, or SUV into Premier Ford Waveland for AC service, our technician will inspect the system for problems. It may be a refrigerant leak, a mechanical problem, a clogged filter, or some other issue that can cause issues cooling off your vehicle’s cabin.

Our technicians will be able to perform a diagnostic of the AC system to tell you what is going on. If it is a refrigerant leak this can cause several problems. The chemical refrigerant is harmful to the environment, but it can also cause malfunction of system components like your evaporator and compressor. It’s best to have your system checked out right away to prevent the issue from getting worse or causing damage to other parts of the system.

How Does Your Vehicle’s AC Work?

Your AC uses a colorless, mostly odorless, chemical that circulates through the air conditioning system where it changes from a gas to a liquid as it moves through. During this process, hot, humid air from the evaporator in your cabin is drawn into the system. This air travels to the condenser beneath the hood, then a cooling fan pushes the air along the system. The refrigerant cools the air and pumps in clean, cool air to make your ride more comfortable.

How Can I Tell If I Need AC Service?

There are three main signs that your system has problems, which include:

  • AC blowing hot air: This can mean major problems when water gets into the AC as it combines with the refrigerant and causes a highly corrosive acid that begins to eat through components in the system, like hoses and seals.
  • Strange smells: Bad smells can mean that mold and water are present in the system. This can be caused by a dirty, damp, cabin filter, or a blocked drain in the evaporator case that is supposed to empty moisture from the system.
  • Weak Airflow: Too much moisture in the evaporator core can cause mold and debris to build up in the ventilation that blocks airflow, or it can mean a problem with the cooling fan or blower motor.

If you have noticed any of these signs, contact us for AC Service or you can schedule your appointment online. Don’t let your malfunctioning AC system get you steamed up. Bring your vehicle into Premier Ford Waveland and let our expert technicians take care of your AC system today.