Engine Air Filter Service Near Gulfport, MS

Close up view of an engine air filter

Engine Air Filter Service at Premier Ford Waveland

When you think of important parts of your model, you’re probably imagining something made of metal. While your engine air filter might not be as complex as your cooling system or your transmission, it still serves an important purpose in your vehicle. If you need to change out your filter, our mechanics at Premier Ford Waveland can help you today.

Why Do I Need to Replace My Engine Air Filter?

When you put a lid on a candle, it’s only going to take a few seconds for the flame to go out. For combustion to happen, your engine needs a steady supply of air. Normally, this isn’t a problem, as air is going to flow into your engine through your engine air filter. When that filter becomes dirty though, you’re going to run into a few problems. If your filter is clogged, then air isn’t going to be able to make its way through like it used to. When it finally makes it past your filter, it might even carry contaminants with it, straight into your engine. This can lead to costly repairs, and it can even cause your engine to misfire. Since filters are generally cheap and easy to replace, it’s best to have a new filter installed when you start to notice changes in your vehicle.

How Do I Know If My Engine Air Filter Is Dirty?

If you feel like your filter might be running into problems, and you’re near Long Beach, Waveland, or Gulfport, then you can visit us at Premier Ford Waveland for a quick replacement.

  • A Change In Performance: When your engine air filter is dirty or clogged, you might start to notice a change in performance. Your engine might start to misfire, and other parts like your spark plugs may stop working correctly. When you’re driving your car, it’s important that you evaluate your engine’s performance every time you’re behind the wheel. If you start to notice any changes, it’s always best to have your model inspected before the issue gets worse. While a dirty air filter might cause issues with your parts, there are a few other symptoms that you might want to keep an eye out for. If your car is starting to make weird noises, or you notice that your vehicle is vibrating, then it’s time to visit the mechanic.

Where Can I Change My Filter?

You don’t want to let a cheap filter cause long-term damage to your engine. If you feel like your filter might be the source of your problems, you can get it checked today at Premier Ford Waveland.

  • The Right Fit for Your Model: Engine air filters can look wildly different from one another, so you might be wondering how you’re supposed to find the right fit for your vehicle. Our mechanics at Premier Ford Waveland can help you find exactly what you need when you visit. They’ll be able to get your car up and running again within a matter of minutes, and with your new filter, you should notice a change in performance. If you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, then you can order your part from our parts department

If it’s been a while since you’ve changed your engine air filter, you can schedule a quick service with our mechanics at Premier Ford Waveland.