Headlights Service Near Picayune, MS

Close up view of a service tech holding headlight light bulbs

Headlights Service at Premier Ford Waveland

You rely on your headlights as you drive in the evening and at night. You may start to notice that the lights don’t seem as bright as before, and then you discover only one headlight is working. Even one burned-out bulb can make driving more dangerous. If you live around Slidell, Long Beach, or Picayune, you can bring your vehicle to Premier Ford Waveland for headlights service.

Our Service Center can help with any headlight issues you’re having. We can replace a bulb, check wiring, or other issues that may cause your lights not to work.

What Is Involved in a Headlight Service?

When you bring your vehicle to Premier Ford Waveland, we’ll replace any worn-out headlight bulbs and check your electrical system. This system includes fuses, modules, relays, switches, and the wiring that brings it all together. We’ll inspect the igniter and other components of Xenon headlights. Our technicians also check the headlights to see if they are aiming in the correct direction or need to be adjusted.

The most common issues with headlights are either one or both have stopped working or they are dimmer than normal. In most cases, the problem is the same: the headlight bulb needs to be replaced. Of course, this isn’t always the answer. The wiring may be loose or a fuse may have burned out. Other components may need to be replaced as well. When you bring your vehicle to our Service Center, our team will find the issue and fix it.

Types of Headlights

Several types of headlights exist, depending on the age of the vehicle and the manufacturer’s preferences. Halogen headlights have been around for a long time. They are incandescent lights that have a filament which is surrounded by gas. These gases are a combination of nitrogen and argon. Halogen lights are popular because they are inexpensive and easily found. They can be dimmed, but they burn out quicker and use more energy to burn. They also create more heat. Incandescent lights not made of halogen are found in classic models.

HID headlights, which are High Intensity Discharge or Xenon headlights are named for the gas that provides power to the lights. They work similarly to neon lights. They are more expensive to buy, but they last much longer than halogen lights and burn more brightly. One of the challenges with HID lights is that they can blind other drivers unless installed correctly. HID lights should be installed by a service technician to be directed properly.

LED headlights are a newer option and combine some of the benefits of halogen and HID headlights. They provide more light than halogen bulbs and use less energy. LED headlights also avoid the glare of HID lights. They do generate heat, though the bulbs stay cool. LED headlights are more expensive but last for thousands of hours.

If you need a new headlight or need to have an issue diagnosed, bring your vehicle to Premier Ford Waveland for headlight service. Schedule service online or give us a call.