Oil Change Service in Waveland, MS

View of oil being poured from a container

Oil Change Service at Premier Ford of Waveland

There’s no doubt that oil is the most important fluid in your vehicle because without it your engine probably won’t make it another mile. Your vehicle relies on a constant flow of oil in order to ensure that your engine is lubricated and that things don’t get too hot when driving. If it’s been a while since your last oil change and you’re near Gulfport, Biloxi, or Waveland, schedule a service with Premier Ford of Waveland.

The Purpose of Engine Oil

Since your engine is putting out enough power to move a vehicle that weighs over a thousand pounds, it’s going to deal with a lot of wear, and quickly. Your oil helps to mitigate this by forming seals between the pistons, cylinder walls, and rings, while also lubricating other parts of your engine. This keeps things running smoothly. Your oil even gives you a small bit of added protection against overheating, alongside your cooling system. When your engine has a good amount of oil, it’ll be able to run for longer without issues that could be costly. Changing your oil regularly also helps to get rid of any carbon and varnish buildup that your engine might be experiencing. If you decide to forgo an oil change, you’ll find that your vehicle will be running into problems sooner rather than later. You might deal with everything from knocking to overheating, and that’s only a few of the issues that you might experience.

Ways to Measure Your Vehicle’s Oil

There are plenty of services that could potentially wait another week, but if you plan on driving your vehicle at all, an oil change isn’t one of them. Since a lack of oil opens your vehicle up to so much risk, you’ll want to pay attention when you’re running low. Generally, you can do this by:

  • Using Your Dipstick: Your dipstick is a great tool for monitoring your oil, as you’ll be able to see the color, quality, and level in one go. If you notice that your oil is sludge-like or low, you won’t want to waste time scheduling an appointment.
  • A Sticker: If you’ve had an oil change, they most likely gave you a sticker dictating the mileage and month in which you’ll need another.
  • Your Owner’s Manual: This is the least accurate way to monitor your oil, but it can still come in handy. If you have your owner’s manual with you, you’ll want to look for the recommended mileage for an oil change.

What Happens When You Forget To Change Your Oil

If you haven’t kept up with your oil, or you’re starting to experience any of the issues below, you’re going to want to immediately make your way to the nearest mechanic, as this might mean that your engine is potentially in trouble.

  • Grinding Noises: What you might be hearing is the sound of metal banging against metal since a lack of oil will mean that there’s no lubrication.
  • Overheating: Whether this is an oil issue or not, your vehicle shouldn’t be overheating when you’re driving.
  • Check Engine Light or Oil Reminder: While your sensor could potentially be a false alarm, this is highly unlikely. You’ll want to have your vehicle examined by a professional so that you can relax behind the wheel.
  • Leaking: If oil is leaking from your model, you have a serious issue on your hands and should be seen as soon as possible.


When you’re looking for an oil change, schedule your next service at Premier Ford of Waveland.