Tire Rotation Service in Waveland, MS

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Tire Rotation Service at Premier Ford of Waveland

Your tires aren’t going to last forever on the road, but you can make sure that they last a lot longer by ensuring that they’re properly serviced. When you want to avoid replacing your tires every other month, you’ll want to have them rotated routinely. When you’re near Gulfport, Biloxi, or Waveland, you can easily head to Premier Ford of Waveland for your next service.

What’s a Tire Rotation?

As you drive, not every one of your tires will experience the same amount of wear. A Front-Wheel Drive system, for example, is going to place almost all the stress of driving on your front tires, so you can expect them to wear faster. In the meantime, though, your back tires aren’t experiencing nearly as much force, so they’ll likely hold up for longer. A rotation requires replacing these front tires with the back ones. This ensures that the tires that were originally at the forefront can take a break, allowing them to last longer, while the tires that were originally in the back can pick up the slack. The way that your tires end up being rotated can change depending on where your vehicle puts most of the stress, but you’ll find that rotating them consistently gives your set of tires a longer life overall.

Handling Your Tires

When your tires are being rotated, they’re likely going to need a few of the other services below. This will make sure that you don’t experience any extra wear when you find yourself back on the road.

  • Balancing: Your tires don’t weigh the same amount, which can lead to a bouncy ride that’s hard to control. When they’re balanced, it means that they’ll be weighted so that they’re all equal.
  • Alignment: As you drive, your tires will gradually come out of alignment. This can cause your wheel to pull to the side and can increase the wear that your set experiences. Luckily, it can be fixed easily at Premier Ford of Waveland.
  • Replacement: If one of your tires has seen some serious damage, one of our mechanics might ask you if you want to replace it entirely. Driving on worn tread can drastically increase your chance of an accident, so a new tire can make all the difference.

Taking the Initiative

While you’re at the dealership, you may want to consider doing a few of the things below in order to make sure that your vehicle has everything it needs.

  • A Double Service: Since you’ll need to rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, you might want to consider an oil change. If you drive a model that utilizes synthetic oil, this will be around the time that you should seek service.
  • Monitor Your Tread: Here, we use a specialized tool to keep track of your tread. You’ll want to make sure that you know where your tires stand so that you know exactly how soon you might need to replace them.
  • Other Miscellaneous Services: While you’re here, we can help you with anything from a windshield wiper replacement to your next fluid flush. Simply let your mechanic know what you need.


When you want to get the most out of your current set, you’ll want to schedule your next tire rotation service with Premier Ford of Waveland.